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01-14-2013, 11:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Honour Over Glory View Post
Doing it when two of the best centers were out that year, yeah it does mean something because you would need to see him play, or actually know what you are talking about to know he was a man possessed when he scored 20 that year. He was doing his usual "I'm going to check hard at both ends" schtick as he usually does, very well mind you, but then he was setting up plays, scoring, drawing penalties, he was just unreal and it's one of the reasons the Pens are now seeing him as a top 6 option now that he's healthy again.

He has 2.7 shots on goal a game, is solid at both ends of the rink, physical, fast, and has 20 goal potential, which he has proven capable of.

3rd line scorers are a little more valuable than you think. Is Dupuis just a 3rd line scorer too? Last year, he was doing some great things without Sid.

The gap between Clowe and TK is not that large at all. Do not put too much stock into the 3rd line role he played on the Pens. That 3rd line constantly played against 1st and 2nd lines WHILE still being positive players. TK still scores at a top 6 rate at even strength despite this. He is vastly undervalued by most here because they can't extrapolate what affect his little ice time (roughly 14min/game) has on his counting stats.

My coach is a moron for not giving him more ice time. He has always been very productive on a per min of ice time basis. Placing TK's stats into the SJS roster....

Last year the only Shark to score more pts/60min than TK was Thorton (ie 2nd)
In 2011, TK would've been 6th in even strength pts/60min and ahead of Thorton
2009, TK would've been 5th ahead of Setoguchi

Clowe finished (respectively) in pts/60

Say what you will, TK is a great little player who has constantly performed in the ice time he has been given. He would be in SJS top 6 scoring. Whether SJS played him on the 3rd or 2nd line is up to your coaching staff.

It's not too hard to see where he slots into your lineup and how closely he should match Clowe's even strength production. I don't know how they compare on the PP though.

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