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Originally Posted by glovesave_35 View Post
Part of his ineffectiveness on the PP was that he had gotten away from being the net presence he once was. I don't have a problem giving him a chance to retain his spot but implying, or outright confirming, that you had to appease the guy by throwing him some PP minutes because you took away his 5-on-5 minutes is absurd.

I'll just go ahead and echo the sentiments of a couple posts above me, none of the personnel changes made will matter one bit if the players don't move their bodies on the PP. It's ridiculous how stagnant they've been for 2-3 years now.
I could be wrong, but I don't recall a single team official making that statement. Maybe it was an interview I missed, but the only thing I've seen his fan speculation.

It's funny because I remember last year when Morrow was still in the Top 6, this is the role several fans were screaming for him to have. Anything to get him out of the Top 6.

I honestly don't believe this has anything to do with making him happy. If you're going to stick with a net front presence on the PP, I don't see a better option on this team. Like I said, the rest of the skilled players are better served moving or shooting the puck on the PP. Plus, the position is more than just obstructing the goalies view, and Morrow has proven to be highly effective in that role.

That said ... with neck and back issues ... I can't see him holding up in front of the net long. How many cross checks can that spine take?

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