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Originally Posted by BinCookin View Post
As a completely neutral party (Red Wings Fan)

Here is my take: I have looked at the Vancouver payroll on Capgeek.
if they want to resign any of (Malholtra, higgins, lapiere, raymond, or replace them with equivalents) then they have to drop ONE of their goalies). In fact in all truth, Vancouver really can't afford any additional GOOD players that make any kind of decent coin. They honestly are really pushing the envelope. THIS year however, they could have ONE player at around 5mil extra, but then he would need to be dropped next year (or else many trades to lower the salaries).

All in all, Vancouver is a very well built team right now, you really cannot get much better. Thus a trade this year should be to pick up a UFA for next year who costs about 5 million to help win the cup, or get prospects that will be very good and on the cheap so that they can contribute and below average salaries in the next few years.

One of their goalies has to go. What oh what can they get for them?

Here is why I see a trade with Toronto as highly unlikely:

If Vancouver wants young Talented players, Toronto really can't spare them
If Vancouver wants a older (27+) player in his prime, the only player I see Toronto willing to give up would be Lupol. (and Toronto is unlikely to want to trade Lupol for an OLDER player, even if he is much better (luongo). So I just don't see this trade happening.

Toronto does need a goalie, but they are better off tanking and/or hoping reimer works out, then trading for luongo. Also Toronto should KEEP their draft choices, so these are not trade options either.

The Teams likely to give up prospects, are teams with weak goal tending , but willing to go for a cup run:

Chicago (they can't afford him honestly, their payroll is also too high)
San Jose (good fit honestly)
Tampa Bay (can afford him)
New Jersey (hedberg back, this may actually be a good spot, brodeur and luongo as a 1-2 before he retires)
Florida (Could afford him)
Ottawa (Could afford him, would they even want him? (or stick with new young guys))

(Every other team has a highly paid goalie, or the teams are clearly tanking)

All these teams are more likely to go for Luongo than Toronto.
Good post!

Ya i'm still surprised Yzerman thinks Lindback can be a reliable #1...

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