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01-14-2013, 11:41 PM
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Originally Posted by TSA0402 View Post
Since when did Del Zotto become Erik Karlsson? Top notch means not scoring 11 points the previous year.
Since when did I say that Del Zotto was the best offensive defenseman in the league?

However, at 22 years old, tying for 17th at ES points by a defender when a fair amount of defenders in front of him averaged a significant amount of ice time more than he did a game, I'd consider that a top-notch offensive defenseman.

Not "THE BEST OFFENSIVE DEFENSEMAN IN THE GAME" because I didn't know when the words "TOP NOTCH" became a viable substitute for the former phrase.

Go find someone else's mouth to put words in. I get that you're still bitter about losing to the Rangers, but grow up, move on, get over it and stop trying to stir the pot in every thread that involves the Rangers.

You don't like us, WE GET IT. We don't like you either. Our world will continue to work it's ways, and life will move on. Apparently, you can't do the same.

You flood the Nash threads with your non-sense and there's apparently no end in sight.

Originally Posted by Viqsi View Post
MDZ's good. He's not that good.
All I'm saying is that Columbus wouldn't just laugh and hang up the phone like many in here have suggested. You've brought up some decent points without the ridiculousness that others have used in this.

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