Thread: Value of: Jaroslav Halak to Toronto?
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01-14-2013, 11:46 PM
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Originally Posted by MakeTheIronSing View Post
Why is it that every trade proposed these days is for Gardiner? Gardiner for Luongo, Gardiner for Halak. Gardiner for Bernier.

The fact that every trade involves Gardiner probably means Gardiner is never going to get traded from Toronto.

Would any other team trade their top prospect for Halak? Probably not....
What else does Toronto have to offer? They are saying no to Gardiner here. They'd want Gardiner+. What pieces on Toronto would you trade Gardiner for, and feel as if you were getting fair value? I bet you can't do it without Rielly+, Kessel, or maybe Phaneuf. Not angry or mad-ranting, just serious.

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