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Originally Posted by Kevin8se7en View Post
Not at all - I'm not a huge Turris fan (yet - I might be if he proves me wrong). Not sure where you got that idea from. Yes, I'm a sens fan, but in now way have I even implied Turris would be a "#1 overall talent" in this thread, or ever for that matter.
The whole TUrris thing was to show that even with Rankings aside, the #1 overall guy is still obvious. Personally I think it's MacKinnon, but I do think Jones could go depending on the team that gets the 1st pick. Usually at this point we have an idea of who the bad teams are, but we don;t this year, so yeah, it's a little tougher to narrow it down. That said, I'd bet 30/30 teams currently have Mac or Jones as their #1 ranked spec.

As for the the Oilers... Hall/Seguin can be argued, and same with Yakupov to whoever since it's too early to tell, but to say RNH was the wrong pick would be a mistake.
If I was wrong about the first part my apologies.

As for the second part, RNH is a beast, but if I had the choice between he and Landeskog....

I'm just not sold that RNH can A) stay healthy, and B) if his game can translate into the tighter checking playoffs...

Personally I like the great all around types, the Seguins, the Landeskogs, and the Galchenyuks.

Hall, RNH, and Yakupov are all tremendous talents, just think you can never have too many all around studs, while I think the guys they did take need to have a more carefully crafted roster around them as all three are pretty one dimensional offensive guys...

It's just an opinion, but we will see down the road though.

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