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01-14-2013, 11:52 PM
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Originally Posted by sharkohol View Post
i disagree here. he's not attacking anyone specifically but rather pointing out a certain hivemind mentality that exists... which could be argued to be true.
The comment was:

This board in general is biased by many who don't even know how to skate let alone rate a defensman who doesn't put up 50 points a season...
that was a direct commentary on a group of users of the board. Under the site rules, blanket attacks are attacks all the same. And there was no hivemind assertion. No mention was made about the bias being contagious or people thinking in lockstep just because the majority does.

also - actually playing the game does give you a different appreciation and understanding of the game, no matter how small it is. not sure why that is so outrageous?
No one will likely dispute that greater familiarity with the game by having played it is advantageous, the comments carried the air of "if you can't play the game, your argument is invalid/inconsequentual" and that's wrong. Every poster on here, regardless of their hockey experience, is permitted to provide there own analysis or commentary on whatever they'd like. If you believe that their assessment is wrong, point out why and counter it that way. Don't respond with "You don't know what you're talking about because you never played the game."

But really, this isn't something that's supposed to be argued publicly. If anyone has any other issues with what I said or with this issue, they can PM a mod.


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