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01-15-2013, 12:19 AM
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Originally Posted by quat View Post
I don't know .... maybe because he's only been available for a few days due to the lockout?

Maybe other GM's are trying to see who's going to blink first by not acquiescing to Gillis demands? Maybe they're tabling different offers? Perhaps they're waiting a bit longer to see how their own players are doing? Maybe they're trying to force Gillis's hand by seeing if he's really willing to go into the season with both goalies?

Clearly every GM knows what Gillis would like in return for Luongo, so perhaps they're mulling things over?

Nah ... couldn't be anything sensible. Must be Luongo has no value to any team in the league at age 33 earning a little over 5 million a year. That must be it.
These guys just spent literally 4 months doing nothing else but mulling things over. If GMs don't know if they want Luongo by now, then what have they been doing during the lockout? Taking sewing lessons?

Most teams in the NHL are happy with their goaltending situation or are tanking/rebuilding. If there is no trade by puck drop then you know nobody was willing to pay the Roster Player + Prospect reported asking price.

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