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Originally Posted by untouchable21 View Post
According to Craig Button, Jokinen with Kane is unlikely to work because Jokinen couldn't find chemistry with one of the best players in the NHL (Iginla) so why would he have chemistry with Kane.

As much as I don't agree with Button too often, there may be some validity to his claim. Jokinen was suppose to be the answer in Phoenix where he was gawd awful and again failed to develop any chemistry with Doan who is a pretty darn good player himself.

That said, sometimes players just click with certain guys and not with others. Simply putting two very good hockey players together doesn't guarantee immediate chemistry. Here's hoping that OJ and EK can surprise and put some critics (myself included) to rest.

Sometimes the idea of "chemistry" is really subjective. Watching clips of Joki over the summer a lot of them talk about "amazing chemistry" between the two, while talking heads now talk about it being absent... Truth is probably somewhere on the middle and depends on the day.

2011-12 Iginla/Jokinen WOWY
Iginla 0.459
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