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01-15-2013, 12:43 AM
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Originally Posted by CM Lundqvist View Post
Sorry, accidentally deleted this part of the post when I went to quote you...

Ryan Murray isn't a guarantee at this point. The guy just had a major injury which caused him to miss the WJC and he hasn't even played a game in the NHL yet.

Yes, I'm pretty damn positive that he'll be a good, possibly great defender in due time, but again, a prospect. It's just like Yakupov. People are throwing him in trades for established stars 1 for 1 and he hasn't played a single game in the NHL.

I hope Murray works out... as long as Columbus stays in the west

But seriously, Murray's gonna be a player. Didn't get to follow him as much as I wanted to with Everett, but I think he's the kind you can build a defense around.

I just think with the strides MDZ has made and working with Jim Schoenfeld that this kid could round out his game and be an absolute nightmare on the ice for opposing teams. To me, him and McDonagh have the most upside on the Rangers. You simply CANNOT teach that kind of offensive instinct he has. However, you can teach him to play better defense and, that was apparent with how well he played last season.
Fair enough. However, it's also important to note that MDZ being a nightmare to other teams is also decidedly not a guarantee. While he's more valuable now in any given trade discussion because he's a current NHL player that produces now, that doesn't necessarily make him that much more attractive to us than what we've already got.

Indeed, it makes him kind of something for us to avoid, since we've already got lots of folks who are either 1) producing at or above the level he does now, and/or 2) have similar, reach-for-the-stars upside.
Nobody's presently got BOTH (unless one's really high on Nikitin ), but we don't need both. We've got the angles covered.

Could he be the best? If things go badly for us with our other guys and well for him, sure. But is that worth the risk and the costs as has been proposed here? IMO, not a chance in hell.

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Originally Posted by CM Lundqvist View Post

It seems that NO ONE has taken into account the contract that Del Zotto has for his production so far, but they'll factor in his 2nd season in the NHL more than his rookie year or the previous year somehow.
Arguably, something similar could be said for Nikitin.

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