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01-15-2013, 12:43 AM
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Originally Posted by RalphyTSN1290 View Post
The 11-1 show will continue, but it will be little different than the lockout version. If the Jets get bounced from the playoffs, it will go back to being the Stanley Cup Power Hour like it was in the spring. Jim Ludlow will be on H and L tomorrow afternoon. We're working on getting someone from TNSE to join us and give us a run down. Right now all I'm hearing is some angry people. Off the top of my head, I think folks can get the tickets printed out, it just costs $100, which is likely the cost of color printing and the paper stock that is used. (just a guess of mine)
I don't think people are mad just because we don't get a physical ticket to hold. Although most people probably enjoy a colorful, easily distributable, keepsake of the game, it obviously costs the team a lot of money to print and mail out 585,000 tickets every year.

People are mad about the possibility that next season there will be no free option for splitting tickets up between a group of people sharing season tickets. My group has 4 people sharing 2 seats, so if one of us holds the Season Ticket Cards, we still have to distribute 35 games x 2 seats, x $2.50 = $175.

Anyway, the guide isn't really clear on what happens next year. It is clear that the fees for forwarding and reprinting are waived for this year. I think as long as there's always some free option for distributing individual game tickets to a group there won't be a problem.

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