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01-15-2013, 01:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Acallabeth View Post
And this is why you want him to move out from his position?

Ovechkin didn't score more than usual from all over the ice:

I completely agree that AO is better when he uses all ofensive zone, but he's been doing that for his entire career when he wasn't strictly limited by the system. He'll have all that you mentioned this year, will also be shaper and faster than 2 years before this year.
Moving Ovechkin to the right will make him use his favorite forehand dangle or speeding behind the net even more often - he'll only get hit more, he's not an elusive player. Sure,he'll be able to pass more, but while Ovie is a decent playmaker, I feel that a top5 center feeding the best LW in the league has better potential (and proven). Maybe moving him to the RW for some games will be a worthy experiment, but permanently - I don't see the reason.
Also remembering some supercreative suggestions to play him with Brower and Laich... he'll be lucky to get 15 assists in this season then.
So why did Kovalchuk put up the best overall season of his professional career after being moved to RW?

Sure, you can argue it was due to Parise and Henrique, but his play itself improved. Don't be fooled, there are tons of right handed right wing snipers that have been quite successful in the league. Ryan, Iginla, Semin, Kessel, Stewart for starters. Tons of left handed snipers doing the same on left wing - Neal, Marleau, Sedin, EKane, Hall to name a few.

Laich is the best off wing linemate we have for him, sadly enough. If you don't believe it name one better.

Also moving him to RW has another advantage no one else here seems to see.

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