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Originally Posted by Sweech View Post
Yo Lynk, what's your best advice for adding weight?

I'm 6'2" and lucky to hit 160 on a good day. I can literally just not put on weight.
There's not a secret science to gaining weight my dude, it's all about eating roughly every 2-3 hours and making sure you're training the right way in the gym. Even if you're young with a fast metabolism you can still have gains.

Some things I've told clients who were looking to bulk and add weight are:

-Double up on food. Let's say if you're having 1 chicken breast for dinner, make it 2. If you're toasting 1 piece of bread at breakfast, make it 2 etc etc etc.

-Make sure you're having post workout nutrition. This is the best time when your body will suck up any calories you provide it, so try to get in a calorie, protein and carb rich drink right after training.

-Eating calorie dense foods. Good, high-calorie dense foods include peanuts, peanut butter, raw oats, lean red meat, bagels, and dried fruit. The more of these you can include in your diet, the faster you'll see results.

-Tracking your diet. You don't want to be consuming too much to the point when you'll be packing on lbs of fat. I've seen it far too often when guys say they're "bulking" so they dummy McDonalds for dinner as an excuse.

-Weight training will make things a lot easier. If you are doing it already then good, you'll want to train for hypertrophy (muscle growth) which means you want to stick to sets of 8 reps with 4 second negatives. So basically each set should last about 40 seconds total (1 second positive, 4 second negative for 8 reps = 40 seconds).

Put all these things together and your body will start to increase in size as well as new muscle growth.

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