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Originally Posted by PhillyFrisco View Post
For whatever reason, Vancouver fans have always hated the Leafs. They think there is some kind of rivalry (which is completely non-existent).

Going back to 2011, the vast majority of Leafs' fans were in support of Vancouver prior to even reaching the finals.

People just like to hate.
Typical Toronto narcissism.

Contrary to popular belief, we really don't care about TO.
One buddy of mine is from TO and is obsessed with the notion that everyone from where we live (BC, Canada) are obsessed with TO. It's a paradoxical notion to hold, as anyone arguing that we don't in fact give one, or two ****s about TO, is inherently illustrating obsessive traits towards TO.


We all tend to hope we don't make the trade with you guys because you don't have any expendable quality pieces.

Would much rather trade with... really, any other franchise in the NHL than the Leafs. That's how minimal your teams' depth is at this moment.

That's all!

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