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01-15-2013, 01:45 AM
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Just a few thoughts.

I watch tonnes of hockey and this is my view on this;

Igor Ulanov. Lots of Oiler fans loved him because we can understand the game and whose responsible for what. If Ulanov goes for a big hit his d partner should know and be covering. There should be communication and knowing when your partner is in strong position to support you closing a gap or opening up the middle. your d should know and adjust. Shot blocking - Hitting - Paying the price - Making opponents pay the price. Thats what we needed. Petry-Schultz and Whitney on half a leg can more than handle the offensive transition and point play load for a team that will have 10 forwards ready to play on 2 PP units (4 on each plus 1 extra each for subbing/injuries). DD is also a big reason for this... crease clearing and knocking people out in the crease is a necessity. I also expect our tough guys will be given the green light for suspendable actions --like they were last year-- if they need to respond to something. Depth.

If you think of Fistric as a Ulanov... you will be prepared.

This team has sorely missed that.

A second point i will make is the Oilers get a guy who can play either side. If anyone plays defense you know how difficult your wrong side can be... a solid defensive partner is a must. Luckily our left is the solid defensive side with Smid and N Schultz. I see a good chance for him to have a solid year. He will need a solid partner if he is to take on the handicap of wrong side shutdown defense. Whitney - when healthy (and we know now that "healthy " whitney actually was 80% and perhaps will never be and never has been his 100% best) had looked elite on both sides of the puck. I am not counting on Whits returning to form but it would be a nice surprise to get back the 80% Whitter.

Also in a 48 game season it is extremely important to not only have dpth but to have your defense put in specific roles. In a 48 gae push you want everyone maximized. Taking Fistric means easing tough defensive ice time from guys like Petry and J Schultz who you want to be fresh for PP and 4 on 4 and 5 on 5 and advantageous draws.

Also If fistric (5th in NHL hits playing in only 60 games) can hammer opponents in the crease and on the defensive boards than that ends plays. The less our dynamite top 6 have to run around trying to defend the more they can spend their energy lighting red lamps. too many years watching Gilberts and Barkers and Fosters and even Souray nudge players and *****-foot their defensive responsibility.

Id like one more DD...prefer RHD DD

I still want the natural RHD - Boychuk but that is a long shot and for now this might be all thats available for NHL ready and known d-man. He is what he is, every expert knows what to expect. I dont picture a learning curve here other than systems and teammates/d-partners.

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