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Originally Posted by PhillyFrisco View Post
While YOU might not be obsessed with T.O., I can honestly say (from anecdotal evidence) that Canucks fans do indeed display a visceral and unjustified hatred towards the Leafs.
This is not representative of Leafs fans, or Toronto as a whole, but a few of your fellow fans illustrate why Canucks, and Habs, and everyone, display "visceral and unjustified hatred" towards the Leafs:

Originally Posted by PhillyFrisco View Post
Neither. Van gets Tim Connolly, Lombardi and Komisarek.
This is just what happened to be on the page.

Right...and we're delusional and unreasonable. One of those is you as well.

Originally Posted by PhillyFrisco View Post
Note: I am a Vancouverite.

I am in agreement with your veiled gibe that TOR might not possess expendable assets for Luongo but alas, the market will dictate value... and, if Lu is only willing to waive his value-deflating NTC for a couple of teams - as most reports have indicated - MG is SOL
NTC is limited to a few teams, but I have been saying we're are terrible trading partners since before the post-season began. He's already said he's willing to waive, if asked, and Gillis won't ask unless it improves our team. I haven't read any reports of him taking this back, have you got some links? The closest I remember hearing is shying away from Columbus in the CFOX interview a few months ago.

As for SOL, we've been hit hard when the cap was introduced before, we didn't just survive, but we thrived, and dropping a select few contracts is fine here. Two buy outs, most of our deadweight contracts expiring, and prospects we've been seasoning as long as we can on cheap deals. Luongo pulled us through to the playoffs once, and if we don't get what we want in a trade, I am confident he will again.

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