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Originally Posted by PhillyFrisco View Post
Apparently, I shouldn't have omitted the sarcasm smiley in my obviously inane proposal.

We are not good trade partners.

Lu is an excellent goalie who has received unfair criticism in this city despite taking his team to game 7 of the SCF as well as winning a gold medal for canada. It's disgusting.

It's called diplomacy and tact. Lu has it. No one is saying Lu is a "self-serving liar and fraud" but if you actually believe his diplomatic diction and hold him accountable to it, you may wrongly refer to him as such.

Don't know what Nux fans keep referring to with the notion that Nonis is telling lies?
None taken, I have been called out several times for sarcasm or dryness in my posts...I think the new rule of thumb should be if it's sarcastic, use the smiley to avoid confusion. It is telling that I thought it was real, because I have seen that kind of post with no sarcasm.

No we are not. I seem to agree a lot more with posters on both side that I can see eye to eye with on this point. Common ground and what not.

His contract is a negative. I don't think it's all bad, but the way people talk about his play dropping and his age being a factor and etc. etc.'s enough to read sarcastic posts as honest posts.

You may not be, but Gillis saying "we're not trading him unless its a package that helps us" or Luongo saying "I'm happy playing here in for awhile" seems to get shouted down, and usually the same people hole Ansemli and Nonis and Burke up on a pedestal. I can't remember you doing either of both, but it happens every time we cite the guy.

Two reasons really. One is the above. I don't think he is any more or less honest then Gillis, but someone trying to tell me the man that honestly built up our team and has no reason to lie to the media is lying, I just feel it's only fair to lump everyone together using the same logic. The second is his time here. I'm not saying it's a "fraudulent" lie, but even with decent drafting and a few good acquisitions, Nonis basically used Luongo as a crutch here, both preventing a serious rebuild and deliberately or not, bungled two seasons here, one before and one after Luongo joining the team.

I hope his second chance as a GM goes smoother then the roller coaster ride we had.

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