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Originally Posted by malkinfan View Post
Hi, does anyone else find Bertuzzi and Eaves completely expendible? Bert is not a bad player, but he has definitely not aged like a fine wine! Tootoo makes him expendible in the sense that he is a physical guy that can fight and chip in once in a while. Bert has always been a hybrid skilled/grinder kind of guy. But now given his age, he performs neither role optimally. Ie. I would rather see Nyquist and Brunner who may flourish on a top 3 scoring line rather than bert. Eaves, well there is Helm, Abdk, Tootoo, Miller, IMO 3 is all you need, always good to have a spare grinder I suppose but 5 is too many. I feel the Wings have a hard time saying goodbye to players. The Samuelson thing kind of makes sense because he used to play the point on the PP and now that Nick is gone he can help alleviate the pressure.

Anyways I know the wings like to keep the old guys on the big team and the young guys in preschool for too long sometimes. Tatar and Nyquist are very close, if they spend another yr down there IMO it is too long. Andersson is also knocking at the door.
No offense makinfan but this reasoning is getting a little the Wings homepage, all the blogs and MLive etc. We all know Nyquist is top 5(?) in scoring in the AHL. He and Tatar are developing well which is perfect for us as assets. Don't worry, they aren't going to rot in Grand Rapids.
Coach Babcock-
“We have four guys in Grand Rapids, forwards, that are dying to be Red Wings, in (Gustav) Nyquist, (Tomas) Tatar, (Joakim)Andersson and (Riley) Sheahan. They think they’re ready to be on the team, so they’re ready to go if (others) are not ready to go.”
There you have it. All 4 are available and could get quality icetime because of injuries or inability of any of our forwards.

Tootoo may be high energy but he is much smaller than Bertuzzi, completely different type of player. Bert appears to be in excellent shape as of now. We need a grizzled, business like, feared veteran like Bert on our team. He is so respected by his teammates and staff, he will finish his career here in Detroit. There are a few posters that feel like me and simply love Big Bert.

By the scrimmage roster it is obvious Eaves will be the odd man out. Is it possible for him to play in GR? That would be best for him to get back to full speed, it's been a year since he's played a game. But I must say from 2 practices he is flying, he looks quicker than I've ever noticed.

Originally Posted by RedWings19405 View Post
As much as people like to run around pretending Lidstrom is the only thing that made White he actually has a pretty solid history.
Very solid. I personally rank him as our #1 D, Kronner makes too many mistakes IMO and I don't trust Ericsson for ****. I like how hard Ian White battles. Great article about Cola and their history as defensive partners- Colaiacovo clarifies his position How frickin cool is that? These guys have been playing together for years and reunite under the Wings banner. As much as things get shook up this season I can imagine them as our top D unit, at least #2, PK, whatever, just a healthy amount of TOI.

Another good write-up about Drew Miller- Sorry if I'm judging too much by practices but Miller looks on top of his game. He says he doesn't want to be "comfortable" but that is exactly how I would describe him. Super smooth skating and loose hands, being a contract year he seems poised to have an even better season than last.

I don't know if it's the opinions here lately or again my experience watching the practices but I am going to keep a critical eye on Abdelkader. He should have done like Drew and kept himself playing games. Babcock has made it clear that no job on this team is safe, Abbie better do something special or he could be sitting.

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