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Originally Posted by HockeyGuy73 View Post
1000 yard seasons are over rated I think. Not taking away anything from SJ, but 1000 yards over the course of a 16 week season doesnt stand out as much as when they did it in 10 or 12 games. I still think hes in the hall though, mainly because hes in between great RB classes.
That is a good point. I wouldn't be surprised if he gets in, but I just think he is a very good football player. Marshall Faulk was a great football player. A 1000 yard season means you are averaging about 70-75 yards a game. I can only recall one season where Steven Jackson had what I would call a great year. He had around a 1500 yard season running and like 800 receiving, but hasn't come anywhere close to that since then. He really isn't that good of a receiver for a running back. A stat that I think is important for a running back is yards from scrimmage. I like to see 4 or 5 great 1850-2000 yards seasons ala Thurman Thomas, LaDanian Thomlinson, Barry Sanders, Eric Dickerson, etc. I look at at Steven Jackson like I do Jim Kaat (who isn't in the hall of fame). Just a very good, consistent player for a long time.

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