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Originally Posted by JacketsDavid View Post
I think this is the first time, and to be honest I applaud them.

As a STH who now has to free up 24 nights in the next 100 days (or so) there are games I can't attend. Last thing I want is a bunch of $10 lower bowl tickets showing up on stub hub driving down my value.

The discounted tickets are for STH as a perk, it shouldn't be (IMO) a way for someone to gobble up 20 tickets/game, place them all on stub hub, turn a profit and drive down the value of my tickets that I can't use.
I, too, applaud them for trying to control the re-sell for profit on this deal. The purpose behind it is to allow a way for STH's to bring family, friends, business associates, etc, to a game for little extra cost. It's supposed to be a perk, but it's abused now because some have been conditioned to be able to buy popular games for teams coming to town to hit up the re-sale market.

I think after this short season we won't see this in such a large capacity. My bet, it sticks around for awhile, $10 to full season, $25/$15 to half-season, etc... but it's going to be to select games. It will be middle of the week games, early Sunday games, games that will be low attended in the first place. You dictate those individual games instead of an entire 2-3 month block, part of the ability to buy and turn tickets around for profit goes away.

I agree with you too, BluejacketNut, win games, the promotion isn't even needed. I'd like to think that's the direction we are moving towards.

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