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01-15-2013, 07:54 AM
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Originally Posted by CanucksnWpg View Post
I absolutely hate my mother.

I'm using Jillian Michael's site to get me to eat healthier as a start to losing weight because nothing is working. I want to cook my own food and not eat what her and the fat man (my dad; who has ballooned since he quit smoking 4 years ago) consider good food. I love food and I love trying new kinds of food. I'm not scared of anything and have quite the palate. This is moving me in the right direction as I'm not ready to go to a gym (and the two that are close to me in Transcona are both co-ed). I'm going to take the dog out for walks more, use the weights I bought, do at home yoga and build up from there. But nope, she's being a bully about it saying it's not about healthier food it's just the junk you eat that you need to cut down on and exercise and get a personal trainer that will show you how to count calories, etc. She eats more junk then me. I'm not ready to do it that way and she doesn't get it. I really wish I could afford to move out because I really hate living with a bully.
What I found worked for better than changing what I ate was how much I ate. Portion control was what I need. Plus I stuck to a rule of no carbonated drinks (especially beer).

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