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01-15-2013, 09:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Cynthesis View Post
Just because he led the team in points last year does not make him the best player. In fact, he's a ways back being behind Landeskog, Duchene, Stastny, Johnson, and Varlamov. No, ROR is not worth 4M at this point in time. Duchene is more proven and easily a much better player, ROR should not be making as much as him, let alone more.
While I agree with this, I find it funny that everybody else does. Last year everybody was talking about how ROR was above and beyond our best player. He does everything right and is the avs best player. I did not agree at all, and put the above mentioned players ahead of hiim yet everybody razzed me for it. Now that Radar is showing greed the avs fan base have turned against him and think all the other guys are much better.

Just think of the trade offers other members posted last year. The entire avs board listed radar as untouchable. Now apparently he isn't even that good and we should ship him while his value is high. Come on guys

I for one would love to have this guy back. Not because he is our best player, but because he fills his roll as a third line centre just like he has in the past. Every winning team in this league has a third line centre that can score. That's where I saw Radar in the past, and where I see him in the future. Sure he can eventually be a second line centre, but when he is a teams 3C, is when a team is good enough to win a stanley cup.

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