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01-15-2013, 08:29 AM
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Originally Posted by dubplatepressure View Post
Do you have GCL and can vouch for this? 'Cable' quality isn't anything to write home about, and my experience with LeafsTV Online leads me to believe HD quality is definitely available. Further, GCL claims HD feeds:
I agree. This is will be my first year with GCL but have used the last 2 seasons. I haven't noticed any difference in quality and in fact I notice more detail in background stuff like the crowd compared to Bell TV's compressed to hell HD. The thing with though is baseball is a relatively slow moving sport and I'm semi concerned about the fast pace of hockey and how it will look over an internet stream. Still willing to take a shot though ... i love being able to watch multiple games at once whether it be split screen or one on regular tv and another on my ipad.

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