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Originally Posted by Foppa2118 View Post
Both of you have literally made the worst arguments I've ever been a part of since I've joined this board, and I'm not saying that for hyperbole.

Say what you will for how much hes worth, and ive made it perfectly clear that i personally would have given him a 4x5 but it's ridiculously obvious he signed a two year deal in Russia that required it to be matched to force the Avs to give him what he wants after only one good season.

You keep talking as if its a situation where he's not within his rights. Of course he is. I backed the PA throughout the lockout because of the risks they take as players, and even O'Reilly throughout the same period for just signing a deal and waiting for the CBA to resolve what the team he really wants to sign with can do.

After all the rumors, and the days since the CBA was finally ratified, and the KHL deal that required a lot of money to be matched, to say this isn't purely greedy and selfish is ridiculously naive. Pure and simple. Make all the excuses you want. 21 year old players don't do anything resembling anything like this. He set things up to force the team to pay him more than Duchene on a short term deal, or give him a long term deal.

HE's 21 WITH ONE DECENT YEAR OFFENSIVELY YOU SCREWBALLS!!! Who the hell does he think he is??? An elite 1st overall superstar? He's a 2nd round two way player with offensive totals of 26, 26, and 55. Take a short term deal and EARN your long term deal if the team is getting cheap on you. Even Duchene has more of a reason to hold out for more than a two year $3.5 M deal, and he signed that almost instantly. I'm done with this for a day or so because some of you are looking at this without any sensible thinking just like O'Reilly, and its extemely frustrating.
The point isn't that he's not being greedy, the point is he's a professional, in a career with a short time in which to cash out, so him trying to get what he's worth during that short time is exactly what you should expect from a professional. Especially since neither he nor we know if he'll even still be able to play at the end of a short term deal.

You're the one who seems to think that athletes shouldn't act like every other profession for some reason, seems kinda a silly for you to then turn around and say that we're not thinking sensibly.

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