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Originally Posted by lorwood View Post
IMO as with most things in life the answer is somewhere in the middle.

Your point in many way's is spot on. In order for Brooklyn to succeed Wang must get off the cap floor.

But in today's sports economic climate you need corporate support and high visibility to generate the dollars needed to compete. At least that should be the formula.

The Islanders are projected to bump up revenues by 35 mil a year by moving to Brooklyn.

Given Nassau's unwillingness to accommodate the Islanders the move to Brooklyn became 50% of the solution, and you need to get half way there before you can finish anything.

So the Islanders are half way there.

Now the rest is up to Wang.

Hopefully there is some pressure put on Wang from the Barclay's group to ice a competitive team.

The comparison to the Mets is irrelevant. Whether they are guilty of wrong doing or not the Wilpons (nor half of Wall Street) saw the Madoff fiasco coming.

The bottom line is that the faster they get to Brooklyn the faster they inject new capital and hopefully the faster Wang has to start running a team on more than just surviving.

Half way there.
Just where is the 35M coming from?

Season ticket base may go up a smidge but that is offset by the current season holders that are not going to travel to brooklyn. So thats a wash. Not to mention those that stay away just because of the higher ticket prices that will surely follow the move.

Corporate sponsorship? Maybe a smidge of a tick up, but if the team sucks that is short lived.

Luxuary suites? Again tied to team performance. no one wants to go watch a losing team.

National exposure? Again if they suck they don't make it to Nat'l TV.

So again I ask where is the 35M coming from?

No matter how you slice it, revenue is dirctly related to on ice performance.

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