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01-15-2013, 09:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Isles Fan View Post
If you think for a second that the "joke" tag is removed because they change addresses you are sadly mistaken. That tag goes away once ownership starts spending some money and puts a quality product on the ice. That tag goes away when they get rid of the former back up goalie as the GM. That tag goes away when they hire a real coach.

Where they play doesen't matter if ownership is dedicated to winning, which we all know Wang is not. If you need any proof just look at the Mets. Shinny new stadium that was only half full by the end of its first season. Why? Cause they sucked.

People don't like to watch losing teams. It is a simple concept. In 2001 when Wang took over and they sold out almost every home game, they did so cause of Yashin, Peca, Osgood et al and they won. Quality players, quality product. DiPietro, Guerin, Hilbert, Sim, Pock et al and they lost. Crappy team, crappy results, empty building.
Ok... maybe I shouldn't have used the word "immediately". I will concede that. But I stand by my point in principle.

The move to Brooklyn is the first step... a BIG step... to getting that tag removed. Wang has directly or indirectly stated he won't spend money playing at the coliseum. So it isn't just the change of address that will remove the joke tag. It's what the move brings with it. If Wang spends money as a result of increased revenue brought in by the new building then yes, the move to Brooklyn is the main thing that was able to restore this franchise to respectability. New building + able to spend money + free agents actually WANTING to play for the Islanders = something that was never possible in the Coliseum the way things are today (and the last 20 years).

If Wang decides to be as tight fisted as he was on Long Island then really what is the point? Why would he move the team to Brooklyn to STILL suck as bad as they have the past 10 years? Why not just sell the team at that point? I find it hard to believe he would move the team to Brooklyn to just keep the status quo. It doesn't make sense.

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