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01-15-2013, 09:35 AM
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Originally Posted by steveat View Post
You "might" be interpreting this wrong. Ask yourself, "why" cappy has put Strome on a Reasoner Boulton line.

To me...It's NOT to see what Strome can do, but what Reasoner and Boulton can do. Cappy wants to see if a little talent can improve their game, not Strome's. They know that if Strome is put on a line with JT/Okposo/Bailey/Nielsen (anyone with some talent) things will happen. Now, put talent where no/very little talent can be expected...well, it just tells them if they can play a higher level, but haven't due to other reasons. Am I making sense? It kinda also gives them an idea of other prospects. Like...was Nino's bad production due to too less minutes, the people on his line or something else. It would also tell them if the player is capable of elevating the skills of others. Not every talented player can do that.
I just don't see how realistic that is. How do you expect any prospect to come into a 5-day camp and elevate the play of guys like Reasoner/Boulton/Martin? I think the right move would have been giving Strome reps on that Cizikas-line between Ullstrom and McDonald. Evaluate when that line looks more dangerous/has more chemistry. What they are doing with Strome is burying him... plain and simple. It's like they are nervous that if they play him on a legitimate line he might impress and they'd be forced to keep him around. IMO they don't want to give him that chance.

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