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01-15-2013, 09:44 AM
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wyshynski 10:08am via twitterfeed
New Puck Daddy: KHL rejects Lubomir Visnovsky’s contract until conflict with NY Islanders is resolved
@KatieStrangESPN: #Isles According to KHL, Visnovsky made an appeal to stay w/ Euro club. League did not grant that request, but NHL and KHL may negotiate on matter. According to KHL statement, KHL and NHL reps will begin "joint consideration" in near future
@wyshynski According to the NY Times, #Isles have not suspended Visnovsky.
StapeNewsday: Furthering reports, Visnovsky has a personal issue to tend to in Slovakia. May take 2-3 weeks to resolve. Could report to #Isles after that.

There's a theme here. Lubo can't play this year unless it's for the Islanders, or an unpaid beer league, unless he's traded.

I cannot fathom any sort of "resolution" here whatsoever. Under no circumstances will Snow budge on this. This is a guy who has STILL banned Botta from covering the team. It would be a horrible message from Snow, the NHL, the NHLPA and International Hockey to make an "exception" in this case, a precedent that nobody will stand behind.

I think the Isles haven't suspended him because they think he'll come around, since he has no choice. And that fans will forgive and forget, just like they already did with Fehr, Bettman and the lockout ( #distantmemorynow ). Even thought the "two weeks for personal issues" is just a pointless delay, Visnovsky will soon realize that making $1.7MM in a 48 game NHL season isn't so bad.

Originally Posted by lukasfindl View Post
i cant see any reason the IIHF should favour the nhl over the khl in this topic. Why would they care where the kids play? they didnt establish the complex rules the nhl entry is comprised of.

Can you tell me a reason?
they favour the NHL because Visnovsky has a contract IN THE NHL. They care about peace in hockey, agreements where players aren't poached. Players benefit as well, with the freedom to play where they want, when they are FREE AGENTS for example.

The rules are there to maintain order.

They also honour suspensions, so players suspended in the CHL, for example, can't play internationally either. The IIHF cares because they play a role in ensuring peace among international hockey for the benefit of all leagues and players.

Including Visnovsky.

Including Gomez. So Montreal can send him home and pay him to not play anywhere, even though he might "like to play" in the KHL or Sweden or for the Alaska Aces in the ECHL. But the IIHF would understand that he has a contract in the NHL and it's not permitted.

Visnovsky is trying to disrupt the very order that many fought so hard for, JUST because he doesn't want to play in Long Island. It's selfish AND stupid and I find it incredible that his agent, his team, his league hasn't been able to show him the harsh reality.

There's absolutely no reason to side with the KHL in this case. This is really simple. A player signed a contract and refuses to honour it, choosing instead, to play in another league, which is not allowed. They are the very same rules that Visnovsky's own NHLPA JUST FINISHED detailing after 119 days.

Back to your question,

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