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01-15-2013, 09:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Mystifo View Post
At this point I want to see Lombo succeed How about leafs retain salary and it is a 2nd 2013? Would rather get a pick personally.
I don't think there is a team in this league that'd give you a 2nd, even if Nonis found some magic CBA loophole that allowed him to retain 100% of the salary. He put up eighteen points last season. Eight. Teen. Nobody is just going to forget that because suddenly instead of being overpaid by three million he's only overpaid by one million. Either way, he's overpaid, an injury risk, and coming off of an eighteen point season. Either keep him, and see if he can turn it around, or ship him out for basically nothing just to turn the page on him. Those are really the only options.

Hanging onto him might not be the worst idea anyway. He's probably a better fit for a more structured coach like Carlyle than he was for Wilson, anyway. Afterall, his success has come with Sutter, Keenen, and especially Tippett. Carlyle is much more similar to those types than Wilson is. However, Carlyle strikes me as a guy who genarally wants a whole lot more grit in that bottom six than a guy like Lombardi is going to provide. It will he interesting to see what happens. Will Carlyle's system allow Lombardi to flourish or will Lombardi's less than physical style prevent him from ever really getting the chance?

It's a new dawn, a new day, and the country club is gone, washed away. Thanks to Andy Barroway.

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