Thread: TSN: Top 50 nhl players
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01-15-2013, 09:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Kulemon View Post
You're forgetting already that Kessel pretty much carried this team in the first half of last season?

The amount of Kessel hate, even here in this thread is sickening and I sure hope you guys aren't leaf fans because its disgusting how much you people under appreciate this kid.
Originally Posted by Pi View Post
Kessel is no top 15 player. I don't see anyone saying that.

He should be anywhere between 25-40. 47th is just ridiculous.

Rick Nash is higher on the list than Kessel, you don't find that ridiculous?
Can we tone down the outrage because some people have a different opinion than others? It doesn't mean people hate Kessel and it doesn't mean they aren't Leafs fans either. Saying Phil should be anywhere between 25-40 is fine and dandy, but it's only 7 spots lower then the bottom end of the estimate which hardly makes it "ridiculous". It's just a list, I doubt it will affect your lives in a significant way.

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