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01-15-2013, 10:37 AM
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Originally Posted by nada View Post
As someone who played both sports quite a bit, the skills needed to be an effective interior defender in association football in a lot of situations aren't all that different from the skills needed to be an effective pass-blocking OT for example. Not the way you use your hands/feet obviously, but your mindset and how you read the play and react.

Same with wide receivers and strikers that play in sort of a reactive counter-strike system. Also there's the obvious similarity between the QB and a playmaking center-midfielder. Those read-react instincts are what innate talent is, the ball skills are 99% practice.
That's why I said to a certain extent Basketball. There are moany talented Baketball players but there are some that just big so they ended up getting drafted and playing well enough.

Originally Posted by Alex Jones View Post
Yao Ming had great hands and was a highly talented big man, really one of the most talented I've ever seen. Had he stayed healthy, he was a hall of fame caliber player.
Not from the games I've seen. Mind you it's obviously less than what you have seen but from what I've seen Yao wasn't talented. Him being a hall of caliber type only helps my point.

Originally Posted by Hasbro View Post
I swear soccer fans are worse than a vegetarian, Apple using, jazz enthusiast, evangelist. Not only must they promote the awful game that thrives on the abject poverty of the non-western world, annoy with constant pedantry, make vainglorious pronouncements of the game's status, but as a kicker we have to put up with the denigration of every other sport just in a grasp for status.
Oh boo hoo. People have said a lot worse things about (real) Football, than what I've said about basketball/ AM ball.

Funny it relies on abject poverty( it really doesn't) yet, there's more money in it than most sports.

Originally Posted by Hasbro View Post
Oh yeah, who is ANY soccer fan to say anything about fan hooliganism in any sport. Say what you will about Raider Nation, they've never started a war.
I don't see how crazy fans, have anything to do with the sport? I could've brought up all those coke head criminals in Am football but has nothing to do with the sport it self.

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