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Originally Posted by jfb392 View Post
Well, it's a highlight reel, so of course it's going to make him look good.

But I don't know that many could disagree with chewer if you're just looking at the skillset of Marner.
Based on what I've seen (limited to just the Marlie Classic since I'm not a scout, I just like to pretend to be), he has to be right up there at the top as far as skillsets go.
If he's not, a lot of people are unnecessarily hard on this 97 group.

He has the skill to be a difference maker, wants to be one, and is one.
His size isn't a factor at this level and he plays bigger than his size, but it's a question mark going forward and that will make teams hesitate.
I don't think it's so much about his height (which if it's true that he's growing and that he has siblings that are ideal height, that should put some teams at ease) as it is his weight and strength.
If he's going to play in the OHL next year, he'll have to pack on a decent amount of muscle (maybe 30 or more pounds?) to be able to compete every night, given his height right now.
He knows that and his adviser knows that, so they'll play the NCAA card which gives him the opportunity to have a more long-term development curve, which I don't blame them for.
Both of those things will no doubt be issues for teams, as they work all year to make good on their most valuable resource, their draft picks.

With that being said, I could still see a good team gamble on him early just based on what he could potentially bring to the table a bit down the road.
He's probably going to need at least a year, but if you're a good team you might have the luxury of waiting.
If you can get an assurance that he'll report, that's one question out of the way.
If you do your due diligence and see if he likely has a growth spurt or two left in him, there's another one knocked out.
If you can get him into your camp and on your program, then send him to St. Mike's for seasoning while he matures, you probably have a pretty nice player on your hands.
It's easy for teams that contend every year to do that, but not so much for ones that can't afford to wait on a player when they can get potentially five years out of another one.
I can see him going in the 2nd rd. I don't think he will go past the 3rd rd.

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