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01-15-2013, 11:22 AM
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Originally Posted by Freudian View Post
Why would you want to trade for a player who you don't know if you can sign? You hope his demands are lower than O'Reillys despite having zero knowledge?

I know people are getting silly around here because of the frustration of the situation, but c'mon. Be realistic. There is no way Avs are going to trade for Kulikov.

Well, to be fair, all of the trade speculation would hinge on the assumption that before it would ever happen, the teams would be communicating with each other, what their RFA's demands are, and with the other players agents about whether they would be interested in playing for the other team for those terms, and the deal would only be closed if each player were ready to accept a deal which the other team offered. If any of those things is in question, then I agree the trade won't happen, and it will remain a "rumor". But I strongly suspect Sherman has already been carrying out such talks with other teams for the last few days at the very least, in between communicating with ROR's agents. He'll explore his other options. It's like the Varly deal. Washington couldn't get him to sign, but he's traded to Colorado, and BAM, a deal is done shortly... because they'd already talked with him and came to a verbal agreement on terms.

But if Sherman can't get a return he is happy with in a player who agrees to a contract he is satisfied with, then I agree, he'll just hang onto O'Reilly.

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