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Originally Posted by Ronaldo View Post


I think the situations between Foppa/Foote and ROR are comparble all 3 players wanted more money but they're just using different ways of getting it. It maybe be taboo of O'rielly to go and sign with in Russia but it shouldn't be. We also don't know if the avs are indeed trying to lowball Ryan, so it's hard to say.
I fundamentally disagree based on the UFA, HOF, Hart trophy, CBA, and cap constriction reasons I mentioned previously, but that's ok.

I think the differences in those situations are so vast, that even the Russian contract factor lies behind them in terms of importance.

Originally Posted by TatteredTornNFrayed View Post
Aren't takeaways one of those stats that vary wildly based upon the locale and scorekeeper?

He's obviously a fantastic defender, as we've all seen by his play. But is it possible this particular stat doesn't always compare well?
I think you're right, but from watching O'Reilly every night, you can clearly see he's one of the best in the league without having a stat to back it up.

Give aways are the stat that to me is completely meaningless for lots of reasons.

Originally Posted by Bender View Post
Just heard live minutes ago on Hockey Central at Noon, interview with Don Meehan when asked about O'Rielly and if the two sides were close:

"People from our office were talking with GM Greg Sherman last night and have been in constant communication with the Avalanche (assuming since MOU)".

He wouldn't say whether the two sides were close or not.

Earlier in the interview, when asked the same question about Subban, he definitely said the two sides were NOT close.

There you go.
Well that's somewhat optimistic, but I think the extreme delicacy of O'Reilly's situation, and that every agent and GM knows the Avs will not tolerate negotiating through the media, means that he's more likely to just make boring we're still talking comments on his situation, as opposed to putting a little more pressure on Suban's negotiations. Just a thought.

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