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01-15-2013, 11:57 AM
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Originally Posted by PyrettaBlaze View Post
I'll be honest... I hope the Habs don't "cave" and give him what he wants. If the reports are true and he's seriously asking for $5M-$5.5M, then I think we should move on. Right now, he's not worth that kind of money.
Moving on makes no sense at all. Gorges signed for 4M, Markov earned 5.75 last year while doing nothing, and we don't know if he'll even be worth that cash. Prust was signed for 2.5M for 4 years. Cole is making 4.5M for two more years. Need I talk about how Kaberle and Bourque earned their pay day? Price didn't come for cheap at 6.5M for 6 years.
I know PK is a RFA, but he is more valuable than all of these guys. People go into this crazy way of thinking that just because he's a RFA, then he shouldn't get top dollars.
MaxPac and Eller are the only great deals on our team.

It seems everybody needs to get overpaid in order to play here, but now, when it comes time to sign our best player, people rather hold film and trade him?? How does this make any sense??
4.5M would be a really fair deal for PK. Only 250K more than Kaberle? Yet we're talking about the guy that was used as #1 versus #4 last year. 600K more than the guy that who can't contribute much of anything offensively, bringing in half the skills PK has?..Still making 1.25M less than a mid-30s player that hasn't played much in the last 3 years? 4.5M would be extremely fair for PK. So, like the rest of this team, overpay him by 1M if you have to. The only difference between him and the rest is that he'll likely end up earning every cent of his contract.

Trading PK wouldn't just be taking a step back or two, it would be jumping backwards. We move him and then we'll be crying over how much we need a guy like him, that can jump start the offense, have a great shot, be very physical, reliable in his zone with great skating, and that can play in all three situations well. A superstar potential D. It makes no sense to trade a 23yo potential superstar player. None, unless you're already stacked with them.

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