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01-15-2013, 12:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Big McLargehuge View Post
The thing that pisses me off about the NHL Network is that you have to have digital cable to get it. When I was living on campus grounds in Missoula I had free cable...but for me to get the NHL Network would have required getting a whole new cable plan and bypassing the free connection - meaning it wasn't the ~$5 extra (with the other sport networks) it is right now, but about $80 extra per month. Blacking out a network with such limited availability is just awful.
Yeah I had the same issue in college. And my last *****ing moment is with Cleveland's NBC network. In the dorms, I could only see Pen's games when they played on NBC (this was before VS was a legit channel). So it's my sophomore year and I'm pumped that the Pen's are finally on NBC in the afternoon against the Flyers. I turn on the TV and the Indians game is on. WKYC Cleveland blacks out a nationally broadcasted hockey game for their piece of garbage local baseball team. It's so ridiculous. Why not play the Indians on Sports Time Ohio or Fox Sports Ohio? What kind of city does that ****? end rant.

In those cases, it's blacked out on Center Ice because it's on NBC and then local NBC blacks it out for the Indians game. Fortunately it only happens a few times a year but it used to make me go bonkers.

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