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01-15-2013, 12:52 PM
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Originally Posted by caley View Post
Some crazy rankings on here, for sure.

JP Lipon went from being one of the Top 20-25 players in the WHL on the CSS' first rankings, to down at #96 with WHLers who weren't previously ranked (Tyler Lewington, Roberts Lipsbergs, Ty Stanton and Myles Bell) all jumping ahead of him (In Bell's case, he should be higher, probably much higher).

They also went really crazy with adding overage goalies with Patrik Bartosak, Franky Palazessee, Mackenzie Skapski, Eetu Laurikainen and Etienne Marcoux all making the list, depite not one of them being mentioned in any goalie lists in the first part of the season.

Other rankings that really surprised me

Oliver Bjorkstrand at #29 (Haven't seen him listed that high anywhere, especially 5 spots above Petan)
Nikita Zadorov at #30 (ISS has him #9 overall)
Jonathan Diaby at #45 (There must be one ISS scout who loves him, as they're the only ones to consistently rank him)
Kayle Doetzel at #50 (I love Doetzel, so I'm excited to see anyone else rank him)
Remi Elie at #56 (Another guy I love, so happy to see him)
Marc-Olivier Roy at #58 (I've seen him pegged as a fringe 1st rounder, so dropping to the 3rd round or so seems low)
Ryan Kujawinkski at #69 (A lot of folks love him and have him borderline Top 30)
Spencer Martin t #5G (I'm not sure how he can't be in Top 4, even Top 3 at this point)
Jackson Whistle at #26 G (There are a lot of guys ahead of him who probably shouldn't be)
Dakota Mermis at #156 (Seems like they only added him because he signed with London, no mention previously, IIRC)
It's always hard with CSS to figure out if they are projecting skill-set, or probability to make the NHL.

Remi Ellie is a good player, but the 50th best North American I just don't see it....will probably make the NHL as an energy line player, but the ultimate upside, I'd say is pretty low.

Nothing against Elie, just an example from your list.


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