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01-15-2013, 01:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Lebowski View Post
He's not *that* player yet, but he's already one hell of a player regardless. A legit number 1. And yes, when you throw a contract at someone (especially long term contracts), you need to take into account potential.

And yes, he's different than Price and Pac, in the sense that he DOESN'T want a bridge contract. Quite simple. You can hold him off for the first 10 games of the season if you want, hell make him wait until next season so he'll cave in! That'll teach him for sure! Problem is, if you push Subban to the limit he doesn't even want to play for your team, the Habs roster go from bad to beyond horrible.

You don't just gamble on an asset like him. He represents the core of your franchise for years to come. If he absolutely want a long term contract, just make sure the term is as long as possible and give him his money. Odds are he'll end up a bargain the longer the term is anyway.
Why is he different? That's what I'm failing to understand. Why shouldn't he get a bridge contract? Why should he get everything he wants? "Give him his money"... I disagree. Yes, he's important to the team but that doesn't mean he gets to hold us hostage either.

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