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Originally Posted by BrodeurRULES
I got called right after getting sworn in. Its better then sitting downstairs I say. LOL Always wanted to go to jury duty just didn't want to have to wait in that room downstairs.
Not sure what county you're in (mine was Essex), but I had the same deal. Was called for the first case after being sworn in. Difference in my situation was that it was about an hour after the swearing in that they called for that first case. Then sitting in the court room for most of an hour filling out a questionnaire. I got dismissed from the case really quick after lunch and that still took almost the entire day. Got to come back for Day 2 to literally the exact same scenario of 'get called, wait, lunch, get dismissed, wonder where the day went.' Its glorious.

Originally Posted by Henrique Iglesias
Talked to the Devils HR this morning asking if the ice crew job was doable with a full-time job. They said as long as I can make it to the arena by 6pm, I would be fine. Having an interview with them today at 3.
Originally Posted by Henrique Iglesias
They didn't mention how much they pay, I assume they'll discuss it in the interview.
I know people that did it for both the Devils and the Rangers. I can't remember exactly what the pay rate is, but its a flat amount per game. I want to say between $50 and $100. Rangers were $100 I believe and the Devils were a little less. Just not sure if it was as low as $50 or not. I didn't work anywhere near the ice crew people when I interned in the building, and wasn't any closer with them other than casual acquaintances in college, so I really didn't find out TOO much on specifics/really can't get in touch with those guys to find out any more info. But hopefully that little bit helps a little.

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