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Originally Posted by PerryTurnbullfan View Post
That is a good point. I wouldn't be surprised if he gets in, but I just think he is a very good football player. Marshall Faulk was a great football player. A 1000 yard season means you are averaging about 70-75 yards a game. I can only recall one season where Steven Jackson had what I would call a great year. He had around a 1500 yard season running and like 800 receiving, but hasn't come anywhere close to that since then. He really isn't that good of a receiver for a running back. A stat that I think is important for a running back is yards from scrimmage. I like to see 4 or 5 great 1850-2000 yards seasons ala Thurman Thomas, LaDanian Thomlinson, Barry Sanders, Eric Dickerson, etc. I look at at Steven Jackson like I do Jim Kaat (who isn't in the hall of fame). Just a very good, consistent player for a long time.
The year you are referring to was 2006 the rams best season (8-8) since jackson was drafted.. That season was Marc Bulger's best year in the NFL and the best season a Rams QB had while Jackson has been a Ram. Also the rams had great receivers Holt/Bruce, and the offensive line was actually serviceable compared to other years during Jackson's time. Imagine if he played on this good of an offense for his whole prime? LT always had a good QB (brees/Rivers) and was on a playoff caliber team with good backups behind him a strong offensive line and good receivers. So I think it makes it more impressive that he was able to have 8 straight 1000 yard season's never having a consistant QB, OL, OC, etc.... His receiving numbers would have been much better if he was playing on a team that he wasn't the biggest threat in the running and passing game.

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