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01-15-2013, 01:26 PM
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So I have stayed out of here for a few days, and just skimmed through it to catch up, and what do you know? We are still chasing our tails (both leaf and nuck fans).

Here it is, yes Gillis is still asking for too much. Rumor Kadri and Gardiner.

Yes Nonis is offering too little. Rumored Kadri Bozak 2nd. (don't buy the crap that it's less).

This to me is all posturing. both trying to play poker to get the best deal they can.

What we have to ask ourselves, and truth be told I don't know the answer, who is bluffing?

Both sides can make compelling arguments for their side. But I believe they still meet more in the middle, if a deal gets done, that is some respects makes so much sense. On the one hand, the leafs, honestly can't afford to tank again. They just can't, I honestly believe if they lose Lupul, they lose Kessel, and the cycle goes. They have to prove they can win.

Having said that, Nonis is right, they can't afford to pay a huge price, I get that. It make sense, and is the reason we are terrible trade partners.

The flip side, the Nucks, can afford to keep both this season, and hell, it might be stupid, but they could keep him beyond. But is it worth it? With Kes injured, and now maybe Booth, a strong argument can be made. How many more season do they have?

If a trade goes down, there has to be value, and it has to help both teams. I go back to what got us all traction before, something based around this, or like this:

Bozak - too many rumors with him in it, doesn't really interest me, but I understand it
Kadri - not a roster player, and the most valuable piece of trade
Finn - on the depth chart, at best, 3rd best d prospect, but still high value
Frattin - high potential, not sure where he fits on the leafs with their current winger depth, but very useful for both teams.

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