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Originally Posted by J17 Vs Proclamation View Post
You understand that a team prospect pool doesn't correlate to similar rankings within the individual analysis? Because one team has a great prospect pool, does not mean a prospect pool significantly weaker cannot have a couple of superior high end prospects. Given distrubition does not simply work based on "Well if our team is good, the players must be sick too". 30 Teams. 50 players.

My own team, but god do the core Florida fans overate their prospects.

Shore might deserve a HM. Will be a valued hard working commodity at the NHL level. Lacks top end upside. Players like Armia should be on the list over Shore. Knight is a solid projectable player, but again, upside doesn't warrant being mentioned in this list.

Petrovic? Again, you're listing solid prospects and expecting them to be ranked in the elite. Rau lacks the size. Howden lacks the upside. Grimaldi, arguably, could be close to the list, but that will vary massively from person to person.
I've seen most of these players, and I'm standing by that their should be more of them. And I know the difference between quantity and quality. I don't see us just having two in the top, that's outrageous. And Bjugstad at 31 is mind-blowing to me (top15, if not top10 to me). Yeah, I do like our prospects, but I don't overhype them imo. Many of them are going pretty unnoticed around here, compared to other teams prospects, like on this list.

Originally Posted by ThatGuy22 View Post
They do, the best prospect pool has 4(Minnnesota).
Meh.. if you truly think so..

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