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01-15-2013, 01:45 PM
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Originally Posted by detrude View Post
This is what I'm thinking as well. Krejci's second deal is what they should be comparing to, and $3.75m would be a very fair offer. The $17m over 5 years ($3.4m/year) offer is more than fair IMO, assuming it's true. Trying to compare to Datsyuk, Krejci's newest offer, Thornton, Bergeron, or whoever is just delusional.

Speaking of Bergeron's, his second contract, which was $4.75m, is one that I've been thinking about. If O'Reilly thinks he's comparable then he could easily point to that as his worth. The obvious rebuttle is Bergeron had (and still has) better production, but I could see it being discussed.
I actually completely understand not taking the five year at $3.4M. He could be worth way more money than that after a year or two. The problem I have is not taking a short term deal in the summer and doing so. It's a perfectly reasonable alternative as a bridge deal that Dater alluded to teams doing all the time.

Now he can't take a two year deal, unless it's really pricey because it won't break the KHL deal. It F' d the whole thing up. A three year deal like Krejci and Giroux's in the only possible compromise at this point I think. It just depends on if O'Reilly and his agent will be reasonable enough to not take negotiations personally and accept it.

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