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01-15-2013, 03:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Stewie G View Post
You're looking at infinite possibilities. The best you can realistically do is compare players. Trying to apply causality to something like the draft is a fool's errand in my book.
Disregarding it isn't any better. 7 teams have shown that they can win without the players we have since we started the rebuild. We have yet to show that Backstrom and Ovechkin are worth a conference final. I by no means am faulting McPhee for drafting great players but if this is what we're reduced to feeling good about there's a problem.

I guess you can say thank god we got the players we did, but for each move like that there's an Eberle or Getzlaf that was right in our lap and we passed up on, or a Kopitar or Giroux that was a 3rd round tradeup away.

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