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Originally Posted by Riptide View Post
I wonder if you can sign a player to a 1 yr deal on July 1st. Then extend him for 8 years. In theory he's a player with 1 yr left on his deal, and a player currently on your roster...

- Unless they change the rules, a player on a 1 yr SPC can not sign an extension until Jan 1.

- In order to sign a player to an 8 yr deal/extension, the player has to be on a Club's reserve List as of the previous trade deadline - so in this case, if the player was signed as a UFA (or otherwise acquired after the trade deadline) he couldn't sign an 8 yr extension until after the next trade deadline (in Feb).

Also, NTC/NMC kick in right away... but what happens if it's a young RFA who's not yet eligible for a NTC yet who's sign an extension with the NTC/NMC ?? Does it still kick in right away thus giving it to them before they should be able to receive it? Or does this only count on players who are eligible for it, who sign extensions?
The acceleration of the NTC/NMC only affects players already eligible for a NTC/NMC.
Originally Posted by CBA MOU Terms
26. No Move/No Trade Clauses
No Move/No Trade Clauses that are negotiated as part of a contract extension may become effective immediately upon execution of, but prior to the effectiveness of, the extension contract, provided:
a) The Player is otherwise currently eligible to have a No Move/No Trade Clause, and

b) The Club with whom the contract extension is entered into agrees to make the No Move/No Trade Clause effective immediately upon execution of the extension contract.

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