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Originally Posted by WilcoxHound View Post
Quotes from Ottawa coach Real Paiment following his teams 9-4 blowout of Ryerson in which the GeeGees failed to show for the 3rd period:

". . . there is no excuse except the lack of desire to play defensively."

"We have to take pride in being a plus player on the ice and shutting down the offensive chances for the other team."

"Defensively, it hasn't been a good season for us, . . . we have to take more pride in our defensive play . ."

I may not be wrong in comparing this year's GeeGee team to an intramural team where the only thing that matters is padding your goal and assist stats at the expense of team victories, although that may not be fair to some intramural teams. If minuses were awarded for shorthanded goals given up on the powerplay there a few GeeGee players who would be deep in the minus hole. These are the same players who run to the referee to lobby for assists after a goal.

On paper this team should be a top ten but based on team commitment to winning they are a bottom ten. Too many players whose best efforts are spent partying or skipping practices when the girlfriend isn't in class. Too many me-first personalities.

Unfortunately in CIS you can't trade your problems to other teams and coaches get stuck with players recruited by other coaches who whine about ice time and say things like "I only came here because I was promised I would be on the PP & PK".

This years GeeGees team is a disappointment and players have said they won't be playing at UO next season because of the lack of commitment and heart from the prima donnas. Maybe it's time to use one of the few tools available to resurrect some discipline and take away ice time from those who repeatedly ignore their assignments within the team's system.

If that doesn't happen then all that will be left at UO by the end of the season will be an intramural team with an expense account.
Because +/- is important stat in the standings. Only reason why Concordia didnt make the playoffs last season over Queen's and in a tight OUA East, every stat is important. Obviously being up 9-1 could lead to lack of defense, and I think Paiemant is right with his quotes.

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