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01-15-2013, 03:02 PM
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Originally Posted by TOGuy14 View Post
People who have clearly never watched a single Toronto Maple Leafs game probably shouldn't be making such bold statements on Leaf players.

Komisarek is pretty much a bust through and through who would have been sent to the AHL if it were not for Burke loyalty / his big contract

Franson is a great offensive weapon with a shot, but there is no way in any lifetime he will ever be as complete as Gardiner (and that is after he has only had one year in the league)
The way you speak of Gardiner reminds me alot of how you guys used to speak of L. Schenn. I am just saying TO fans judge too quickly. I honestly hope Gardiner becomes very good. But there is a chance he does not have as good a season next year. Alternatively I think L. Schenn is not as bad as you thought he was when you dumped him, and he will have a better season in Phi.

These KIDS, are not yet near their prime. The point is if you DO NOT want to trade young players, then the best players on your team are Gardiner, Reilly, Aulie and Kadri. I appreciate the perspective you do not want to trade these players as they all may prove to be great. I personally would not trade them for anything. I like the idea of Toronto trading anyone 28+ for anyone 23 and under as a constant system to "rebuild on the fly".

My point is not that I think Gardiner is bad. He is good
I think you do not know how good Filpulla is. He is MUCH MUCH better than MacArthur/Grabo or Kuli. He is better than lupol because he is defensively minded (67pts vs 66pts is a wash). And he is better than Bozak clearly. Filpulla would be the 2nd best player on your team (of forwards). I am just saying you guys can not offer stuff like (30+ aged players even if they can still play for red wings under 30) Shyte, we barely have any of them under 30 LOL LOL

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