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Originally Posted by Habster33 View Post
PK ain't no star yet lol
Funny considering he made the ALL STAR rookie team. PK is a star player. He plays the most on our team even as just a sophomore, was used as a #1 Dman 3/4 of his career so far with us, plays in every possible situation efficiently , will be on the ice with one goal down in the dying seconds or one goal up to defend, and to it all off, he has that star charisma. He is a star. What he isn't yet is a superstar.

Originally Posted by PyrettaBlaze View Post
He's holding out for a ridiculous contract because he knows he's an important part of the team. He's being greedy. And the reason why you can't compare Crosby to PK is because they play different positions? Please tell me you're joking. You can't compare them because Crosby is on a whole different galaxy when it comes to talent/potential/skills/etc.
He's not being greedy, he recognizes what he has contributed, he knows he is a huge marketing asset for the team, and they make a ton of cash off him. His game will only excel as time goes on. He looks at other players like Myers or Carlson and sees no reason as to why he shouldn't get paid around the same amount. Not to mention, he's our best Dman, and the highest paid Dman on our team gets 5.75M. Need I mentioned that this Dman (and I'm a huge fan of Markov) has barely played in 3 years?

And yes, you can't compare Crosby to PK because they play different positions. Shall we place Crosby on defense and see who's in a different galaxy? But yes, you are right on some level, Crosby is arguably the best forward in the NHL. PK isn't the best Dman. But PK isn't asking for close to 9M in cash either.

Originally Posted by PyrettaBlaze View Post
Your argument is all about potential and what type of player he might be in the future. If he was already "that" player then I wouldn't even question his demands. Problem is... he isn't "that" player yet. Yes, he's a great player and potentially, he might become an even greater player... But he's not there yet. That's why, imo, he should get a smaller contract now so we can evaluate him further and THEN, once he TRULY proves his potential, we can give him what he wants. Just like Price. Just like Pacioretty. He's no different.
But that's completely irrelevant. What are the chances that PK doesn't become ''That'' player?? Do you really think PK will just be a 3.5-4M dollar type of player in the next couple years?? Just to be clear here, Kaberle makes 4.25M. Gorges just under 4M. It doesn't matter that he's a RFA, he's well worth more than those guys.

As for Price and MaxPac, it's two completely different situations and it's already been explained.
Price, coming off his ELC, lost his starting position to Halak. He only won 13 games that season and watched the POs from the bench. He was a huge question mark and plenty of people wanted to trade him over Halak. Not sure how he could argue a huge deal.
MaxPac had done nothing offensively except for half a season and then suffered a huge injury. His career was even at risk at some point before knowing he'd make a full recovery. But prior to those 37 games, he had done nothing offensively. Again, like Price, not sure how he could argue that he deserved a huge deal.

PK on the other hand, was asked to take over Markov's role in the POs right off the bat. He did an excellent job. In his rookie year, with Markov again out, he was used as the #2 D behind Hammer, but by mid season, he was the one facing the top oppositions, used as #1. Last year, more of the same. He is used on the top PK unit, top PP unit, and is the top pairing versus the toughest opposition at ES. He is used as much as 28min in some games. He's had a great rookie year with 38pts, and despite having what many consider a more average year last season, he still managed 36pts. Needless to say, this guy is solid and performed very well considering the situation he was put in. Completely incomparable to where MaxPac and Price were after their ELC. He is way ahead of where those guys were.

Originally Posted by PyrettaBlaze View Post
Why is he different? That's what I'm failing to understand. Why shouldn't he get a bridge contract? Why should he get everything he wants? "Give him his money"... I disagree. Yes, he's important to the team but that doesn't mean he gets to hold us hostage either.
He is not going to hold you hostage. He will be #1, and maybe #2 if Markov gets back to his prime days. Otherwise, he'll be our star Dman, and at 23 with his work ethic, he'll only get better.
A guy like Gomez took you hostage. A guy like PK will never hold you hostage. Are you actually doubting that he'll get better?? Heck, even if he doesn't get better, he'll still be pretty darn solid. He'll be a bit overpaid, but still perform well and hold a very important place on our team. The only way he holds us hostage is if he actually declines. Is that what you think will happen?? Really??

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