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01-15-2013, 03:24 PM
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I haven't been keeping up with the thread for a couple pages, so I don't know if someone had the same thought already, but I was thinking about one possible positive angle (for Av's fans) about the stuff TPS mentioned at the beginning of the thread. If things really broke down and got a little bit ugly way back last summer/fall, then Sherman has had a long time to cool down, mull it over, take a deeper look, and consider and carefully plan his options. He may have put out some quiet feelers for months now to gauge what others feel Ryan is worth, and then replotted his course.

I have no doubt the KHL signing was a big surprise that drastically changed the light of things, and there has only been about 5 weeks since then, and I'm sure the whole issue has been hotly discussed since then. But they kind of have known for a long time where his demands were, and I'm sure they did a thorough analysis what they think he is worth to the franchise, and what he might fetch if they can't reach an agreement.

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