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Originally Posted by M0NTY26 View Post
Just, no. You are wrong. Accept it. I pay DirecTV a fixed rate of 90 dollars per month. That price stays the same if hockey is on TV or not. Now that the lockout is over, my bill isn't going to go up, just as it didn't go down. Understand? I don't have to spend any extra money to watch hockey on the channels I'm provided for that 90 dollar fee. Likewise, I don't get to pay less if I don't watch those channels while they are broadcasting hockey. DirecTV might be paying some of my money to the NHL as a fee, but the exact same thing happens to someone in Alabama that doesn't even know what hockey is, assuming they have the same standard package as I do.

You're saying, more or less, that I'm going to be charged by the NHL a fee for watching NBC while they're broadcasting hockey and that simply isn't true lol.

Again, I'm not saying the NHL isn't getting paid by NBC, NHLN, etc., to broadcast those games, but DirecTV is the one paying for that service. Not me. I'm paying DirecTV for NBC. Not hockey.
I never said, or implied, that you can choose individual channels. That said, you can choose packages to get individual channels. You don't get the NHLNetwork as part of the "basic" programming package on Direct which means that you CAN change your programming based upon whether you want that programming or not. And you can make that change at any time that you want, so you most certainly can see your bill go up and down based upon whether it is hockey season or not.
You can get it one of two ways: buy their "sports pack" or subscribe to the second highest tier of programming that they offer. In our house, we only subscribe to the package that gets us NHLNetwork during hockey season. That's thr clearest example possible that the price DOES change depending on whether there is hockey on. If there is no hockey, I don't pay for NHLNetwork (and the other channels in the package group), which means that Direct doesn't have that money (or has that much less money) to pay to those channels. I also never said the part about being charged a fee to watch NBC. Where you got that from, I have no idea. What I said is that, if your box is connected to the Internet, Direct knows what you're watching. Which helps them set rates with channel service providers, which helps them set advertising rates AND subscriptions fee rates. The point being that by having, and watching, those channels you are putting money in the NHL's pocket, through Directv. A friendly reminder: before you tell someone they are wrong, make sure that you (1) understand the other person's argument and (2) are right. Most definitely, by subscribing to and watching those channels on Directv you are putting money in the NHL's pocket, which was my (very simple) point.

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